What Stops Your Scroll?

Baby pics. Cute dogs doing neat tricks. Bisons sending bystanders scrambling. Political mudslinging. Artistic renditions of scripture and sermon tweet worthy bylines. All of these may be a reason you ‘stop the scroll’.

This is a phrase that means you will just mindlessly scroll through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, news feeds, or whatever platform finds your fancy. Then at one point something grabs your attention so you stop scrolling, hover over the entry, click on the link, and pay attention.

I discovered there is a new software for businesses that will monitor computer stations of employees. Realizing they are losing so many work hours to employees checking their personal pages, they determine something needed to be done. The new software/device will allow personal surfing, but only so many minutes an hour. It will ping-ring-buzz-ding or whatever to get the person back to work. I guess if you can’t stop it, you might as well try to minimize the impact.

But this is a symptom of something bigger in our world. We often just go through the motions of mindlessly journeying through life until something grabs our attention. We have the tv or radio on, until we hear a song or person we like, then we perk up. We go to worship and count lights, tiles, colors on stain glass, or whatever. We perk up when a buzzword is said or a passionate pastor kicks into screaming, crying, or is silent. We drive mindlessly taking it all for granted what passes by around us.

Stop a bit …

  • Have a random slowdown and notice something.
  • Stare at a flower and see the beauty.
  • Notice how clouds drift, cross, and transform in front of our eyes.
  • See the uniqueness in individuals around you. Laugh lines to various eye colors. Weathered hands that show labor.
  • Appreciate the hours that go into planning little things in a car design. Think about the persons who planned and impacted small details.
  • Talk to someone, hear their story, share your story.

Stop the scroll of your life and appreciate the creative diversity right here. And do this off of FB … do it in real life.

  • For me, on FB and I-gram, I stop at hiking, National Park, nature scenes. And as glorious as these are, I also need to see it is right around me as well.
  • Be blessed.

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