The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot

Part One …

My nephew and nieces were in last week. They were blessed by a close encounter with a deer, some groundhogs, a chipmunk, a few turkeys, the local beagle that roams the streets (Jack is his name), and a few congressmen (they met one from DC on the plane and a couple later). But they left a little disappointed … they saw no bears nor Bigfoot. And they really wanted to see Bigfoot. I didn’t know he was a Virginia resident, but we do have some weird residents (just listen to our commonwealth’s political stories, pretty hilarious).

Part Two …

I admire the work of actor Sam Elliott. I mean, Tombstone, We Were Soldiers, The Ranch, and so much more. Okay, maybe he should’ve skipped The Hulk. But I ran across his The Man Who Shot Hitler and Then The Bigfoot. Not the most acclaimed piece of art, nor top of the line special effects. And it was less about Bigfoot and more about changes to a nation and to a man as he ages … loss, regrets, family. In the end, he did kill Bigfoot. A plus, Sam Elliot’s name in the movie was Calvin. The Bigfoot wasn’t as big as Calvin, and his feet were not that big either. But it was intriguing just the same. I watched the whole movie, but was a bit disappointed.

Put the Two Parts Together …

What do these have in common? The Bigfoot. And another commonality … disappointment. The kids were disappointed and so was I. We both got over it, but it is amazing what disappoints us these days … trivial stuff, irrelevant matters, and petty preferences. There are books, blogs, songs, sermons, and more to deal with this. So I will just give a few points to ponder and move on …

  1. Let it go … sing the song, choose to move on, don’t be controlled by circumstances, and let go of that baggage you’re carrying. So, just keep looking for Bigfoot and watch another movie.
  2. Don’t play the blame game … this includes you stop being the victim and stop blaming others. Refer to number 1. Mistakes can be forgiven. Healing can take place. So look for ways to stay positive and keep your eyes on moving forward. This is not releasing others from responsibilities but it is focusing on mercy and grace over guilt, shame, and stubbornness.
  3. Focus on the present and the blessings you do have … count those blessings, forget what lies behind and press forward.
  4. Focus on the One who loves you and will always love you … God can take the ugliest mess, the worst situation, and the deepest disappointments and give you peace and purpose. Nothing is too hard for Him.

I know we all have disappointments at times. But don’t let them paralyze you.

Me, I choose to keep my eyes on Him and keep moving forward. What about you?

Be blessed.





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