Digging for Gems in a field of Gunk … “Woke” Christianity?

The Bachelorette, a show I rarely watch or even talk about. But today, I found an insight I appreciated and want to share.

I read, or at least peruse, a lot of blogs. Some I find myself reading daily and others I delete the notice just from the title … it grabs me or it doesn’t. This particular article grabbed my attention and it goes with much of what we discussed yesterday in our church family worship … we are to live such a radically, revolutionary, counter-cultural lifestyle that is so attractive to the world that they see God and want more of Him. (More on that tomorrow)

But for today, enjoy … “Woke” Christianity & The Bachelorette

Disclaimer … I did let the author of beautybeyondbones know I added this link. But still, I have no desire to watch the show … I’ve got the best spouse ever … and that’s my reality!

Disclaimer 2 … as far as using the word “woke”. It was used in the original article, and it also used in a variety of ways. English is a living language and words transform and adapt as people use them. But the overwhelming concept of being aware of injustice around us is crucial for all of us. And as a believer, all truth is from the Lord, so we are to make sure our views align with His, not the other way around. And He cares for the downtrodden.





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