Strength in Numbers … or … Strength in Smallness

My son serves at a church that has 17,000 people every Sunday morning. That’s the same as the population of the county where I live. Their membership is around 45,000. And they are not even the largest in Dallas (3rd I think). My church, and I love it, is not that size … and I’m quite okay with that. We are not as small as the church in the picture, but it’s such an artistic shot I had to use it.

One year ago today, I read an article of realizing and using the strengths of a small church.

  • Love being small. There are such strengths. In the words of Elmer Towns …
  • Be happy for what it is and look at the strength of the small church. Look at the relationships! Look at the energy it has! Revel in those strengths and increase those strengths … Elmer Towns
    • You are not alone. Partner with others. Connect with others for mission endeavors and community impact. Cooperating is powerful. And think outside your area. Maybe a city church needs to have a community to help … or a rural church can link with a mission over seas.
    • You can get more people (percentage wise) involved. To do projects and endeavors often requires the majority of a small church. What a great way to motivate the entire church family and not just a small portion – as is often the case in mega churches.
    • You can know your neighbors. It may be a bit tough in rural areas to walk door to door – but advertising isn’t king in small churches … relationships are.
    • Start with service … not the service. Get outside and serve people. Neighbors may not show up to a worship or a concert, but they might show up to help clean a widow’s yard or help the school kids. This is where you start building relationships.
    • Make your building a center for the community. Home schoolers need a place to meet? Recovery group need a location? My previous church was a favorite for HOA (home owners associations). That might not be a need in rural, but definitely is in suburbia.
    • Be generous … this is not about dollar amount but about heart. All of us have received grace and all should show it.
    • Numbers count … for every number represents a person, a person God loves. But size doesn’t restrict any church from being used by God.
  • Finally, with a bit of sardonic twist … I also know a dangerous truth about smaller churches … everyone knows everything about each other. EVERYONE knows EVERYTHING. That is a bit unnerving. They are not peeking in windows, but very little secrets are out there. And yet, I like that too. We can hold each other accountable, we are part of each other’s lives, and we know strengths, needs, hurts, sorrows, and joys … we share life. And I dare say that is true about all the 45,000 people of #3 church in Dallas.

    So, thank you Evergreen, thank you Appomattox, thank you Lord for connecting me here … planting me here … and using me here. I am stoked.

    Bloom where you’re planted people!

    See the original article here.





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