What’s on Your Refrigerator Door?

It’s grotesque. I want to shred them and bury them deep in my trash bin. I am referring to the two large Dallas Cowboy magnates that adorn our fridge. A silver and blue helmet and and a same color star. Ughh. I didn’t buy them. Somehow, they were on the holder of sweet watermelon and chilled fruit before I arrived. I don’t know who played the cruel joke; but for some reason, they have remained magnetically attached.

Well, I know why they are still there … Lisa. She had great taste when she said ‘I Do’. But not so great taste in football teams.

But there is an upside.

Yesterday, we received an invitation to a wedding. It was already on our calendar. October 12. A day when the earth stands still. On this simple invitation to the nuptials of our first/only born and the woman he conned, oops, wooed. On this invitation are details to remember, a date to honor, and pictures of a twosome that I pray for allllll theeee tiiime.

They are great pictures. And they are now on our refrigerator being held in place by the two abominations from Big D.

It goes to show … no matter how bad, how reviling, how much we think unusable – there is something good that can come out of it.

God can take our darkest moments, our toughest trails, and our hardest hits … and He can use them for His goodness, His glory, and His greatness.

In the words of a fellow journeyman in this world of good and bad …

God loves to bring good out of bad. He loves to turn crucifixions into resurrections. Every obstacle is an opportunity. Every problem has potential. Every crisis is an opportunity for ministry. Every hurt God wants to use for His glory.

So thank you crusty old Cowboy card holders. When I look at the fridge now … you are holding something precious. Pictures of a perfect couple.

Want to go a little deeper? A great blogger wrote on goodness today … much better than me. So check it out here.





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