Special Request … I need some pics

To my readers … I am doing a talk on ‘people watching’ and could use your help. As you go through your day, if you could take some random pictures of people doing anything … and then send them to me, I would appreciate it. Nothing staged or posed. Just people doing life.

Sitting, reading, act of kindness, hiking, shopping …

At the airport, library, grocery store, barber shoppe, anywhere …

Families, individuals, with their pets …

The point is people are watching and I would love just having some random shots.

Send to email … pastordude87@icloud.com

Text, FB or Instagram Message, anything. Thanks.

Special note: pictures of live chickens acceptable … you know who you are!

Note: They will not be published or posted online. No royalties.






One response to “Special Request … I need some pics”

  1. Dad4Gracie Avatar

    Just sent 3 photos of chickens and 3 from our Spring Flower Festival at church. Hope that helps!

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