Enough is Enough

Politics. Sports scandals. Yelling and obsessed news reporters. Redskins being winless. Pettiness. Weight gain. The list goes on … the straw that breaks the camels back.

We’ve all got our list of things that make us say, ‘enough is enough.’ We’ve all heard the phrase. Most of us have said it this week. But the meaning of this phrase hasn’t always meant what it means today.

It was used as early as the 1500s by author John Heywood when he was writing on the Tudor language.

Here is enough, I am satisfied (sayde he.)

Sens enough is enough (sayd I) here maie we,

With that one word take end good, as maie be geast.

Yeah, I wasn’t sure about some of that either. But basically it was positive in nature … as good as a feast, my cup overflows with blessings.

But somewhere, many point to the civil rights movement, the phrase changed in meaning. It became to mean a complaint, a charge that the one saying the phrase is fed up and will take no more of it, whatever ‘it’ is.

From an acknowledged blessing – enough is good … to a cry of discontent – enough, no more.

How often do we change our output from gratitude to grumbling? How often do we mentally move from focusing on blessings to fretting about burdens?

It’s way too easy today to get our minds away from where they should be.

Enough is enough … not a complaint but a compliment. God, You are and You always provide – enough. Thank you.

Where are your thoughts today?





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