Black Eye for a Wedding? Go as a Pirate

The days are getting closer. My son is getting ready to exchange vows and enter a life for which no man is ever prepared.

As I travel to Dallas, I am excited about the new stage of his journey. But I also realize we are parents of the groom, so no one really cares much about us. So to overcome this obstacle, I decided I would do something special to make me stand out. As I checked in the oil and the fluid levels in the car, a gust wind slammed the hood closed. Unfortunately, I was still under the hood and the huge hunk of metal slammed down on my face. I was fortunate in that it hit above my eye, to the side of my eye, and below my eye but never hit my eye.

Immediately, I put ice on my face and said a prayer that there would be no damage or that no visit to the hospital would be necessary. There was blood, there was pain, but mostly there was embarrassment. It’s not too bad, but considering that I’m getting ready to go into the most photographed time of Calvin’s life, I wonder if this was God’s sense of humor.

The blood stopped, the pain was numbed, and Lisa felt little sympathy. Calvin says I can wear an eyepatch, kind of like a pirate. Since I’m taking Pegleg Pete, I can get a little eyepatch for him too, and we will go as two pirates.

The next 72 hours will be interesting. We will see if my eye turns black and blue. We will see if I can find an eyepatch that would match his color scheme. But most of all, we will see how much fun I will be able to make of Calvin because he’s getting a mani-pedi. Something I’ve never done. The things we do for our wives.

Life does not always go as expected. Paul even wrote that if you get married you should expect some worldly troubles. But this thing I do know, Calvin has found a beautiful and sweet bride to be. And I know they will make it through the good times and the bad times, because they’ve got the Lord at the center of their relationship.

Have a blessed day, and make sure your hood is secure if you’re underneath it.





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