Coffee at BuzzBrews

Moving to Appomattox from Dallas has its advantages. As I got back to Dallas, I already want to get back to the traffic of central VA – I will roll slowly behind an Amish buggy as long as needed if I don’t have to pay toll and wait in a parked ‘expressway’.

But …

I do miss the coffee spots that are 24 hours, the 100 year old El Fenix, and being close to my son. Oh, I guess being close to his soon to be bride as well.

PegLeg at BuzzBrews with Black Magic coffee

This adventure to Dallas has a purpose. Our only son is getting married. And we need adventures in our lives. Walking along the shore at sunrise, hiking to the peak of a mountain you’ve never been on before, escaping into a great work of literature, discovering new (to me at least) truths from digging into the Bible.

But marriage – what a great adventure. As I ponder our son’s big day, I asked my wife if she would do it all again … with me. She said yes (good start) … then I asked with the same enthusiasm. She didn’t answer so quick. I’ll stick with the first question as the victory.

I love this adventure we are on – but all adventures take work. So I will continue to work on this great adventure with her.

Top of Hump Back Rock in Va

For today – she wanted the coffee and oatmeal from BuzzBrews in Downtown Dallas – and I try to give my babe what she wants. Okay, I wanted it too.

Lisa at the BuzzBrew Coffee bar – she choose Texas Maple Pecan brew

Don’t stop taking on adventures. And if you’re married, enjoy that adventure too.

Calvin – you’re getting ready to take that great step into a lifetime of adventure – treasure it, treasure her.

To every reader – Have some coffee today and enjoy the adventure people.





One response to “Coffee at BuzzBrews”

  1. Sharon Hodges Avatar
    Sharon Hodges

    Great advice about taking adventures after marriage. After children arrive our lives change, and if not careful the marriage is about child rearing more than anything else. It is important to have date nights, date weekends when possible doing those things together that you loved doing while dating. Then, when the nest is empty spouses still know who each other is. Tony and I love very deeply our girls, and our grandchildren, but we have always enjoyed each other. So our nest is empty of children, but full of love and many adventures ahead.

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