Election Perspective Slapped Around

I voted. Drove to the county site, waited in line, and tried to make a joke to the elector official. She said please say your full name, so I said, “Your full name.” She said correct, say your full name. So again, I said, “Your full name.” She stared at me with a blank expression. Then her associate laughed and explained what I did. If you have to explain the joke, it probably wasn’t worth it. She still let me vote.

Some of my choices won, some didn’t. Virginia changed party hands. And the sun still rose in the morning. Life goes on. But something did happen that slapped my perspective back into the proper way of thinking.

Early this morning, I got a message from a pastor associate in Haiti. A pastor that some of my former church had visited and helped with some church rebuilding after a hurricane. A pastor that struggles every year with finances, very little resources for his church, and yet a passion to keep on serving, keep on sharing the gospel, and keep on loving his people and his community.

Haiti is tough. I looked at the US warnings to all American workers … don’t go to certain parts of the city, don’t use public transportation or taxis, do not go outside of the capital at night, do not use ATMs, and more. Political fighting that makes Washington seem mild. Water crisis that has over half the country with questionable sources for clean water, cholera a danger to many. Crime. Corruption. And so much more.

Haiti is not an isolated case. Many other international sites are suffering. There are places in America that need help too.

So, I ponder the political environment in Virginia, and I remember we are so blessed. Yes we need to remain vigilant, active in society, a light to our world, and a salt to our communities. We are to stand for and vote values. Pray for our leaders on the city, county, state, national, and global level.

But remember this … no matter if your guy, or your party won or lost … God is still on the throne. No election will ever change that.







And with that, I can handle anything that this world, or this or any election can throw at me.





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