Disney+ for Free, but a Lesson Added Too

It has arrived. Millions are signing on. Records are being set. And I am one of the multitude that now has Disney+ on Apple TV. And the best part, I am getting it for free. Who doesn’t love free.

Well, I am getting it because I have an unlimited plan with Verizon, so I guess I am paying for it. But I love deals … I get Apple TV+ because of my new phone came from the Apple Store, and I get Apple Music because I have Verizon, and I get free cuddles and kisses from my wife. Well, I pretty much have to earn the cuddles and kisses. It’s our own quid pro quo. And yes, she has tried to impeach me at times … but I remind her for better (her) and for worse (me).

Back to my story. While watching Mandalorian, I was all oohs and smiles when the character baby Yoda was revealed. Too awesome. And even as a baby, he reveals his tapping into the Force, a glimpse of his potential for greatness. But he also reveals a lesson on being misunderstood.

They see him as a baby and nothing more. And though he is the object of the Mandalorian’s bounty, they do not grasp why. But when baby Yoda lifts the monster Rhino into the air and saves the Mandalorian bounty hunter, he begins to realize there is more to this tiny one than meets the eye.

The Bible says something like this …

When you look around you today, let’s be slow to judge people. Don’t just see the surface. There is always more underneath, more to the person, and so much we will miss if we just look at appearances.

So, enjoy life. Realize everyone is important. And look a little deeper. And maybe catch a frog or two.





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