Can You Handle the Weight?

We’re getting a shelf. Not just any shelf … an Eclipse grey with grey streaks hand cut, molded, and trimmed to perfection piece of quartz. It’s not too big. Only 60 inches by 17 inches.

But don’t let the little size fool you … it’ll be pretty heavy. They say 25 pounds per square foot so that’s … let’s see, times 5, carry the 3, divide by … that’s a little under 200 pounds. And since it’s not on a counter or cabinet, that means a bracket. Now it can’t be just any bracket, it has to look “classy” according to my interior decorator. (Note: my definition and their definition may differ).

And it has to be pretty sturdy. I am told the bracket has to be at least 12 inches long on the top section. So I looked. I went to the classiest shop I know. Yep, I electronically went to Amazon. I learned the difference between cast iron and wrought iron. I chose my object of desire. And now, we wait.

But that’s not all. We have to mount a sturdier wall base for the brackets. I passed that task along. Good leadership = delegation.

Here’s the kicker. All of this has to hold that weight. Strong brackets that are proportionally long enough, sturdy wall mounting of the brackets, strategically placement of wall brackets … and all done to a “classy” look. Basically, get the job done right and look good doing it.

My point, I mean do you really care about my shelf? My point is we all carry extra weight … emotional, relational, burdens, baggage. We try to look good carrying the weight, but we normally are not equipped to handle all the baggage we have. But there is a solution. There is someone who will take our burdens for us. A person who literally said, “Cast your cares on me.” All ye … All ye who are heavy laden … come to Him, cast your cares on Him, He cares for you, He will give you rest.

Get rid of the weight … here’s a great song to jam to that gets this point across.

This Thanksgiving, let go of the baggage, hand over the burdens, cast off the cares … and discover the rest he has for you. Now this is something for which I can be thankfull.

Post Script: the shelf is for our new welcome nook. Great things happening at EBC.





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