From No Water to Too Much Water

My last entry was about the broken pipe we experienced causing absence of water in our house and church. The irony is that within 24 hours, our ceiling in the sanctuary sprung a leak.

From no water to too much water.

But isn’t that like life. Sometimes we find ourselves in a season of drought. Other times we are overwhelmed by the busyness and frustration of the immense amount of demands that keep pouring out.

Christmas is a season that reminds of so much and it does points to the living water, the one who came to bring refreshment in our dryness. But the season also should get us to slow down a little. To take the time to reflect on the silent night, holy night.

When the angels proclaimed Peace on earth, it included peace in the midst of chaos.

So as I sing peace on earth, goodwill to men – I will find peace in the midst of the downpour.

May you too know not only the joy of the season but the peace as well.

Merry Christmas.






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