A Baby Brings Them Together

Baby Yoda (BY). He has taken the Star Wars Universe Fandom over. Forget the opening of the recent movie – it is the child that brought so many people talking, texting, and the ever so popular art of memeing (and yes; I made that word up).

I can’t scroll social media long before I see a new Baby Yoda pic. And gosh darn if he ain’t the bomb.

So, what is it that makes people of both sides of the fandom come together? People who don’t even care about Star Wars or SciFi have turned into BY supporters. How is it that people have pledged to boycott if BY is harmed or turned evil? And when a bad guy dropped him, there were calls for executing the character. Such passion, such loyalty, such fanaticism.

This bat-eared, frog eating, tea sipping, green tyke that connects to the 600 year old species of the original movie character Yoda has proven a boon. But why? What is there in all of this?

Here are some to my pondering for you to consider.

He is a mystery … we don’t even know his name, species, origin, or any (if there is any) true connection to the original sage, fighter, master of the force Yoda himself. I think we all like mysteries, are drawn to the unknown.

He is adorable … I mean masterful puppetry, sly smile, adorable peeking around corners, great hide-n-seem player, and more. I wonder memes find him as their muse.

He doesn’t speak … there is a strength in not gabbing and being annoying like many kid characters. But he stays in the scene with strength of expression.

He’s vulnerable (we think) yet powerful (we know) … he took down a killer rhino, healed a major wound in Apollo Creed – yet has to be carried almost everywhere, plays with space controls that makes it go wonkers, can’t catch a frog, and needs the Mandalorian to protect him from bad guys.

He’s not over commercialized … toys are desired they are. I sense much profit in this one I do. But Disney made a decision and for once, I agree to their magic. But I do think the products will come, but for now he is the main draw I have for tuning into Disney+.

In a world of division and partisanship, he unites … we need a “BY for President” campaign. He is 50, so he meets the age requirement. I hurt hearing and watching division in our country, and even in our churches. I get depressed thinking of the direction such division is leading us in. And I wish we could focus on what should draw us together as to what separates us. Baby Yoda for President! Not the red or blue party, but the Green Party (has that been taken?)

So, may he live long and prosper (sorry to mix universes there) and may he bring joy to many good boys and girls all over the world.

But before you leave. And since this is a Christmas Day. I can’t help but think about a real baby that should unite us. We celebrate his birth today. His birth reveals love, hope, peace and joy. He came to reconcile. And he came vulnerable yet oh so powerful.

As one article puts it

Sarah Coury was right: we live in “divisive times, desperate for some aggressive agreement.” In a time of dissension, social media rage and ideological anger, a baby does unite us. Not a tiny, green, force-sensitive toddler in a galaxy far, far away, but a baby born in Bethlehem. We unite around the God who brings salvation to all.

So this Christmas, and all year long, let’s unite … but not around BY. Let’s unite around JC – Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas, in whatever universe you are from!






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