Time – too much, too little, too fast, too slow … too bad

Church went long yesterday. I don’t do that too often – the nursery workers would plot a revolt. But sometimes it seems there just isn’t enough time.

We go to a movie and don’t complain of two hours before a huge screen. We attend a concert. And when it’s over, we cry out for more – encore, encore (maybe we just lift our phones with the zippo lighter apps – since lighters are not allowed).

As an empty nester, I remember days I thought my son was taking all my time. Now that he is five states away, I would love for a few hours hanging and just being there even if it was helping him at his work. And the last time I visited my mother, she thought I was my brother. Time with her is slipping away.

It’s amazing how time can be fleeting and be dragging – even though it passes at the same speed no matter what is happening. It is the great equalizer, for it is allocated in egalitarian units everywhere and to all people.

So, use time wisely. Make the most of what you have been given. Appreciate the time you have with people. Redeem the time allocated. And don’t waste it.

For eventually, time for certain events, and time with people, and time off from work, and the time of each and every day – will run out. Don’t like the fact that our time is limited? … too bad. Not much we can do about it. I repeat, appreciate what you do have – it’s a gift.

And if the preacher goes a little long ever so often, don’t get upset. Maybe God is using that little extra time to speak a little more of what you need to hear.

How will you use your time today?

Start with hugging those close to you. Time with them is limited too.





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