Do You Even Know My Name? Stars and Sparrows

I am terrible with names. I mean really terrible. In the few months that followed my wedding, I occasionally called my wife by the wrong name. I stupidly just blabbered out the name of one whom I used to date … not cool. And because of that, I am sure my newly beloved thought of names for me as well – names that weren’t the ones my mama gave me.

This week, because of a tragic helicopter crash, people are talking about the NBA superstar Kobe Bryant. His is a household name. Known for exploits and championships and skill. Games were cancelled. The number 24 was retired, even with league teams where he didn’t ever play. Two teams competing the following day had a unique tribute. They each let there first possession just go by with no action. They stood still and silent for the 24 seconds on the shot clock. Both teams. Pretty cool. The loss of Kobe caused social media to become ablazed with prayers, thoughts and warm wishes.

Kobe. Our prayers our lifted for your family.

It is said God knows the stars in the heavens. He knows them by name. And when one falls from the sky, He knows.

But it is also true that He knows the sparrows.

In China, scores of people have lost theirs lives to the escalating coronavirus. Hundreds, possibly thousands, have fallen ill to it. Its impact has crossed the ocean and has now surfaced in North America. Do you know even one name of the scores of Chinese that have fallen? This is not a guilt driven question, but an acknowledgement of a simple fact.

We notice when stars fall. People take notice. A nation, nay, a world, pays tribute. But when sparrows fall, very few would even turn their head or even realize something happened.

God notices. Not one sparrow falls that is outside His care. Not one is lost without Him knowing.

You may be feeling lost, lonely, insignificant – at a place in your life where no one knows your name. Let me assure you, God knows you. He cares for you. He loves you. You are just as important to Him as Kobe is. For to Him, you are both His creation and are both part of His plan.

Today, spend some time talking to Him, spend some time smiling in the certainty – He knows your name.





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