He Needs to Know

29 years ago, he came into our world. He was an answer to prayer and a gift from God. My wife and I lost our first child. Well, not lost. We know where he/she is and we will see him/her there one day. So, the day our son popped out was a day we will always celebrate. And on the day I write this, the date of that event is tomorrow.

He is a GIFT … every life is precious and from above. But this life, this young boy, was for us. We have been given the pleasure, the pain at times, and the joy to call him our son. As a gift, we treasure him but we know we can not keep him. Now we also know he was made to be a gift for a beautiful young woman as well. And as a gift, we should always be grateful to the Giver.

He doesn’t belong to us, He belongs to GOD … from the earliest of his life, we gave him back to God. We dedicated him to God and committed ourselves to raise him in the Lord’s ways. Probably even more than the day he was born was our excitement on the day he believed in Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Our son will not live just 60, 70, or even 80 years – he will live for eternity. And we know it will be with God. That is worth getting excited about.

He is a WARRIOR in the King of King’s Service … not a professional soldier but a warrior who fights to honor God in his life, a warrior who fights to keep his family Christ-centered and to protect his wife, and a warrior who carries the name of Christ wherever he goes.

He needs to know … I believe in him, I am proud of him, I will love him – no matter what.

The Giant Killer

On this celebration of 29 years, I am giving him a necklace. A custom made silver necklace that contains a rock. Yep, a rock. Ain’t I the loving father. But this is no ordinary sliver of a rock. It is from the brook in the valley of Elah. This is the same brook that many believe David ventured to select five stones – one of which struck Goliath with that mortal blow. May it be a reminder that He needs God’s strength, God’s armor, God’s provisions, and mostly, he needs God.

Son – I believe in you, I am proud of you, I will love you – no matter what.

Happy Birthday.





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