Three VERY Important Places in Your Life

Our life is a collection of moments, of single events that are strung along the path we journey. And when we look back, there are those moments that define the type of journey we have trekked. Henry Blackaby calls these “spiritual markets.”

In the Bible, one of the greatest prophets was Elijah. In 2 Kings 2, we have a record of the last few days before Elijah has his famous chariot of fire ride up into heaven. In that chapter are 4 geographical locations he visits. Each location is a place where God has shown His plan, His presence and His power.

I have come to see these four places as a type of representation of those spiritual markers that we should long for. Where are these places on your life?

Gilgal … the location of the first camp the Israelites were at once they had crossed the Jordan. It was that place that reminds us that God gives new opportunities, fresh starts, and fulfills His promises. For me, it isn’t Hampton, my birth city. It is the church where I gave my life to Christ, where I found forgiveness and grace. The place of provision and opportunity.

Bethel … the House of God. The location of Jacob’s stairway to heaven dream, of Abraham’s tent, where worship took place. In scripture, only Jerusalem is mentioned more often than Bethel. Followers would go there to seek God. This is the place people experienced God’s presence in worship. There are so many of these all along my journey’s path, churches and venues from coast to coast.

Jericho … the location of the great outpouring of God’s power, bringing down the walls. We all need places where we know God showed up and showed off. For me there was Promise Keepers at RFK, Passion at the Georgia Dome, Stand in the Gap in DC.

And finally, the Jordan River Bank … where God took Elijah home. Okay, that hasn’t happened yet, but the promise is there. One day, hopefully many years away, I too will be where Elijah is.

Where is your … Gilgal, Bethel, and Jericho?





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