It’s the End of the World

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had the end of the world scenario cross my path. Each was unique, and each made me think a bit different. This is not a doom and gloom discussion, but a make you think scenario – or at least made me think.

First – someone from Hollywood said if Trump gets re-elected, it will be the end of the world. I am not sure that is the case, they pretty much said that about Trump 2016. But I do know they believe it. So, will we? Is Trump the purveyor of doom.?Kings and Presidents are like water in the hand of the God who controls them. So no matter who takes residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I think I will trust in God.

Second, I watched a Nicholas Cage movie, Knowing. This end of days saga intertwines angels (or are they aliens?), Biblical prophecy, and fire destroying everything. They got the fire right, even did pretty good with the Ezekiel vision, but I’m not sure about angels/aliens taking select kids to populate other planets. But again, the end is gonna be pretty dramatic. I don’t think we are really prepared for what the end will be like.

Third, I just finished watching 2012, the movie about life as we know ending. Connecting the Maya calendar, the alignment of planets, and more – this saga lets rich, and aggressive enough people, survive. They missed the point too – the end will be the end. No plans by men will overcome God’s plans.

Lastly, I read the Bible. And He has a plan!

So, why bring this up? People are worried about things we can’t control. And the better answer would be to put your trust in the One who does control it.

And if you can trust Him in the big things, then can’t you trust Him in the small stuff too? He’s a big enough God. I will trust Him in the big and small.


Post Script …. oh yeah, forgot about the corona beer virus … yeah, I know it has nothing to do with Corona. And yes they are saying the world is gonna die from that too. Still I trust God and drink my Diet Dr. Pepper. I mean, a doctor made it, so it should be healthy!





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