We Don’t Do Change Well

We are people of routine, habits, comfort zones. And I admit, I do that too. But mostly in the food category – I’m pretty picky, eat very simplistically, and normally order the same thing. I’ve even got a simple code at my morning breakfast that lets the wonderful owner/host/cook/mother/wife/town cryer/waitress/friend that runs Granny Bees. I will raise two fingers or three. It is either 2 or 3 scrambled eggs hard-one sausage patty well done-a single tortilla. So two or three fingers is all that is needed.

So today, when I said oatmeal with brown sugar, she stopped everything, dropped her jaw, and gave me that look while saying, “Are you sure?”

People around laughed at me. After 30 seconds or so, she again asked, “Oatmeal, really?”

Yep, oatmeal. You would think I ordered coronavirus cornflakes with a side of influenza juice. But she just shook her head and put the order in.

We are people of routine, habits, comfort zones. Change throws us off. Especially in this town. But change is part of life, at least my life.

A few years ago, there was an article that talked of essential changes churches need to do – or face death of the church congregation.

  • We must cease seeing the church as a place of comfort and stability in the midst of rapid change. God’s Word doesn’t change. The message is eternal. But the methodology will need to adapt – web broadcast, social media, streaming conversations across the globe, so many ministry opportunities. That’s exciting, scary, and faith building.
  • We must start doing. We talk about doing stuff more than doing it. That’s gotta change – to be the church, we must act.
  • We must stop focusing on minors. Not young people – but secondary issues. We shouldn’t wrangle over carpet color or small details to the sacrifice of the majors.
  • We must become houses of prayer. This should be the first change – never too much focus on prayer. And with this, all other change will be natural.

We are people of routine, habits, comfort zones. And that may not be so good at times. What changes do you need to make?





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