My One & Only Fight

It would be fair to say that I got into lots of fights as a kid. I wish I could say I was that guy that quietly stayed out of people’s way and defended the ones being bullied. But alas, that would be untrue – mostly. All my fights, save one, were with these two guys that constantly picked on me, used me as a punching bag, or just plain ignored me. They were my childhood nemeses, or in other words, my brothers.

But there was that one guy in junior high. And there was that one day after school. I had already gotten home, gone barefoot, and was ignoring the world when a ‘friend’ came by to get me. Apparently, I had offended George (the name has been changed for I just don’t remember). He called me out to have it out.

We faced each other. Friends circled around. I tried to leave but he jumped me. As I recall, we were both very bad at this. A few punches landing, a couple really bad wrestling moves. I thank the Lord Kung Fu hadn’t hit the airwaves yet, or we would probably tried that miserably as well.

I called time. I was in pain and may or may not have been crying a bit. Not because of any blows that may or may not have hit, but because my feet were getting bloody. You see I hadn’t stopped and put on my shoes. And we had ended up on an asphalt driveway – and it hurt.

I tried to move to the grass, but I discovered it was full of those prickly tree droppings. That was even worse. I just said enough and went home on bloody feet. He’d claim victory. His honor restored – over what I still don’t know. Go ahead. Dance the victory dance.

We’re are still fighting a battle. And many are going into it unprepared. It may be lack of knowledge of what we are getting into. It may be lack of concern of what the battle really is about. Or it may be the unwise practice leaving important weapons out of our arsenal and armor.

While you may be thinking the Covid 19, I’m not. We are in a spiritual battle and it’s real. Churches, and individuals, are facing tough times / but also opening up some great opportunities. The way Church has been done for the longest of times is being challenged. And if you think Satan is sitting this one out, you deceive yourself. This is my try one and only fight, and greater is He that is in me.

I will not cower in fear. I will prepare my feet with the preparation of the Gospel – ready to spread and speak peace, love, hope, and life. We will have new doors of opportunity. And God will be with us, opening those doors, and still using us in carrying out our mission to make disciples.

The new Roaring 20s are going to be exciting. Fear not, the battle is His. And He is greater.





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