An Upside Down & Shaken Rescue

Let’s make it known upfront, I’m not a real big hugger. Yes, I realize that might come as a shocker to some of you (to be read sarcastically). But I don’t really remember my dad hugging either, neither me nor those around him. So I am going on record saying this is a genetic disposition.

I do remember one time my dad did grab me in an unusual act of charity. I was choking. I had gotten a lifesaver stuck in my throat. My life, albeit a short one then, was flashing before me (quite boring to say the least). Cough, gag, hack, life…ebbing…away (note: I was pretty dramatic back then).

So right there in the hallway outside the church office, my dad grabbed me – turned me upside down – by my feet he shock me up and down until the previously mentioned piece of candy was dislodged. He saw the problem, took action, and the result was good.

My dad – the hero.

I recall thinking two things about that day …

  • First, I was almost killed by a lifesaver – how’s that for irony.
  • Second, I got saved in church that day.
Boy Meets World – My Best Friends Girl

He didn’t know about the Heimlich and it may not have been pretty, but he got the job done. This past weekend, churches everywhere were gagging, choking, and unable to meet due to a tiny little bug named after a Mexican beer. But these churches saw the problem and took action. Live streaming, Zoom Bible studies, drive in church, and more.

I spent (lost) three whole days trying to adapt technology that just didn’t want to work together. In the end, I learned a lot through trial and mostly error, but was able to piece together what I prayed over would bless, encourage, and edify listeners. I desired an act of virtual worship that would create moments of worship in homes and anywhere else it could be viewed. And I wanted something that would bring glory to God in every second, every song, every portion, every word.

I desired an act of virtual worship that would create moments of worship in homes and anywhere else it could be viewed

Now, there is still much to be done. The church is changing right before our eyes. We are in the midst of a revolution to how the church works. But not in what the church is. Our mission is the same. Our message never changes. But our methods can and are.

Have we become too attached to our comfort zones, policies, and way of doing things? Are we choking on traditionalism?

I can work with shifting technology. I can read, adapt, and improvise for a world that is changing the way it works. But I know it’s got to be more than technology. The church is a community that needs its fellowship, needs the blessing of being together, and yes, needs an occasional hug. That, my friend, is the challenge before us.

I’m excited to see where we are going. Scared, oh yeah. But excited. God may have to do an upside down and shaken rescue to get us where He wants us. And if it’s from God, I’m okay with that. Shake away.


Post Script – yes, I was saved physically. But it wasn’t the important “save.” That would be the eternal saving brought about by Jesus on the cross. That’s the most important saving ever. I hope you know this personally too.





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