A Tale of Three Bunnies

This is a story that takes place in a wonderful little place called Sunny Hill Woods. It is delightful place with woods and hills and streams and farms. Most of the year round, it was a quiet little place filled with sunshine and happy animals.

And once upon a time there were three bunnies that lived there. These three bunnies were the best of friends. They played together and explored the woods together. They hopped on the rocks to get across the streams. They played with all the other animals and were friends with almost everybody. And every once in a while, they would sneak into Farmer Kevin’s vegetable garden to eat a few carrots together. They loved carrots. They would play with them like swords and pretend they were pirate bunnies. But they didn’t pretend very long, for they would rather eat the carrots than play with them. And when Farmer Kevin saw them, he would chase them away with his hound dog Kendall. They would hop away as fast as they could, laughing and having a good old time.

Life was good for the three bunnies. And every evening, each bunny would go back to their own home to be with their mom bunny and dad bunny. One lived in burrow, which is a hole in the ground, one lived in a hollow tree that grew on the top of a hill, and one lived inside a big leafy bush in the middle of a field.

And then one day, a big storm came through their little corner of the world. Sunny Hill Woods was being flooded by lots and lots of rain.

This was not good. For it meant that two of the bunnies were in danger. You see the bunny that lived in the burrow was being flooded. The hole in the ground was filling up with water. And the the bunny that lived in the field was sinking. For the field was so wet that is was turning into nothing but mud. This was not good.

But they had a friend in the third bunny that didn’t forget them. He was so worried about the other two bunnies that he and his mom bunny went to the friend in the burrow and invited them to come to the tree. The dad bunny hopped real fast to the bunny family in the field and invited them to the tree.

And they all went back to the safe house in the tree near the top of the hill. Well, not everybody went straight to the tree. For daddy bunny also hopped to Farmer Kevin’s farm and got enough carrots for all three families.

Friends are not just friends when things are good and the sun is shining. Friends are friends when the storms hit and when life is hard. They watch out for each other.

During this time of trouble in our world, are you watching out for those around you? It’s that important!





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