Heroes … here is a big THANK YOU

Heroes. We all have them. And as we grow older, the heroes may change. As a kid, I remember the Apollo astronauts. The bravery. The patriotic aspect of standing for America. And Buzz was such a cool name.

As I got older, maybe not too much older, it turned to comic book heroes – Superman, Batman, Spiderman. I mean, who wouldn’t want super powers. But I kind of always turned back to space – Captain Kirk. To boldly go …

Then college – where it was certain professors who seemed so brilliant and having it all together (having taught college since then, I can say they may be brilliant, but very few have it all together.)

I kind of stuck with the Academic realm since then – favorite scholars, brilliant theologians, insightful minds that spent their lives researching and sharing their knowledge with young minds. John Sailhammer and others.

But the kid in me still wants to go to space – the first chaplain on Mars.

Now the older I get the more I see heroes are not those that do amazing things in a short period of their lives, but the ones who stick through it no matter what life throws at them.

  • The husband who for years sits by his wife’s bed as she struggles with Alzheimer’s (Doug B)
  • The pastors who serves faithfully at smaller churches, knowing fame and recognition rarely come their way (Bob B)
  • The parent who raises a special needs child and cares for them through adulthood.
  • And nurses, first responders, nursing home personnel who are the front line of a war like we are in (all those with my mother)
  • A son who desired to stay pure till and in marriage in a world that pushes the other way (Calvin)
  • And a woman who would take my only son knowing what she knows about him and his family. Nobody in their right mind would marry into a preacher’s family, yet she did and they love each other so (Tiffany)
  • And a wife who sticks by me even in my childish stupidity (Lisa)

These are my heroes. These are the ones I applaud and smile when I see them. Not football superstars, not Hollywood celebrities, and not any politician. They may be great people, but heroes – that is a special place in my heart. And in all we are going through, I say thank you.

Today, maybe you too can say thank you to your hero. This blog is my way of saying thank you.


Okay, maybe I still want to go to space and admire those who do. Maybe I could be a Jedi.





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