Forgotten Moments in Time

Forgotten markers. Memorials to an event, a token of something that previously took place, or a sign of that which happened years ago.

As I walked the local battleground, I came across some small markers emerging from the ground with no remaining letters or indication for what they were designed. Was it a burial marker? A land property indicator? A battle location historical icon? I couldn’t tell. And there was no markers to tell what the markers were all about. I was so confused.

A few months ago, I relocated a trailer full of boxes of my mother’s old ‘stuff’ out of storage. Ornaments, plastic fruit, tea sets, brass trinkets, and more. I recognized her butterfly interests, her outer banks memorabilia, and her items from her European vacations. Pictures, Bibles, letters, and cards. But in the boxes were also items I couldn’t figure out from where they came, why she had them, or what purpose they held. It didn’t take long for those moments in time to be forgotten.

I look around my house and I realize there are things that my son will never know of their history. Rocks that I got from hikes, furniture my grandfather made, a stuffed animal skunk my wife had as a child, or a Bible my father preached from. Powerful moments … moments waiting to be forgotten.

Modern research is wonderful with the all knowing Wizard of Oz, better known as Google. So I searched about the markers —- and found nothing. I searched about some of my mother’s stuff and found eBay auctions of similar stuff, but no history, My son might one day search about some of my junk – and he’ll find nothing.

So, here’s the challenge. Start taking pictures of your junk, I mean of your treasures. Create a digital diary of what you have and what’s their story. There is power in story. Don’t let them be forgotten moments of time.

Your kids will appreciate it. Maybe not today, but one day they just might.






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