How far would you drive for good brisket?

We’re in a mandate to shelter in place. Were told to stay safe and keep our distance. Restaurants are doing take out or delivery only. Yet I live in a town with limited food choices.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Granny Bees, but the years living in Texas give me a hankering for some good brisket every now and then. So, Sunday, after the online worship, I jumped in the truck and headed to Richmond. Note this was about a 90 mile trip, one way. We wanted to try ZZQ, but it wasn’t open. We had never had Buz & Ned’s – so that was the Sunday objective.

We got there 10 minutes before closing. We stood in line, outside where the express window was, ordered my brisket and some chicken for my lovely, kept socially distant from the other peeps, and got our food.

Drove to Byrd Park and ate from the car parked alongside the lake. ‘Twas quite crowded, but we stayed in the vehicle. the geese cackled, the families were laughing through their masks, and from a distance, one could hear the cars from I-195. Good food, great setting, even better company.

This is a Stock Photo (not mine) — every one wore masks in my photos

Here is my point … 4 hours driving, almost 200 miles on the road in total, and we ate from the car – seems a bit much, even for brisket. Is it worth it? Finding worth is kind of relative, isn’t it?

This week, my son who works in Dallas, will be commuting that same distance from Oklahoma. The job may be not worth going back and forth for three days, but I guarantee you that newlywed wife of his, who is staying in OK this week, is worth the drive!

All things considered, we are pragmatic people with a subjective mind. We will do what we think is worth it, we will sacrifice time, resources, effort if we think the payoff is worth it. I had the time, I wanted out of the prison (my house in lockdown) and I wanted to experience something new – so off to Buz & Ned’s we went.

This gets me thinking about my efforts on my spiritual disciplines …

So why don’t I read my Bible more? Why don’t we spend more times in prayer? Why don’t we make the effort to stay connected to church during lockdown? And why don’t I live a more disciplined life?

Laziness? Arrogance? Forgetfulness? Lack of understanding the importance? Go ahead, pick one. It’s been said kids go to great lengths to get their parent’s attention. It seems I often do the opposite for my heavenly parent.

Maybe this week, I will put on more effort – not to do these disciplines because I have to, not to get his attention, but do them because I want to.

I drove to Richmond for I love brisket, and I love my wife (a new restaurant experience since it was an anniversary weekend). But as much as I love her, it pales in comparison to my love for God.

So God, we will be spending more time together this week. I hope that’s okay.

Dear readers …. Will you do the same?





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