People Need People

He called me and was a bit frazzled. I was out of my depth in trying to help him. And it seemed no matter what I said to calm him down, it wasn’t really what he needed. Am I a failure? Is he expecting something I just can’t give him? Where do we go from here?

That frazzled look

I am referring to my son calling me yesterday. His truck, which is really my truck according to the DMV, had an engine light come on. Now I do have experience in engine lights coming on; but what to do to make them go off, that is out of my league. However, I did know a little for I had the same issue with the truck before he took it, Oops, I mean before I gave him the newer one over the oldest one he was driving (now I am driving the oldest one.)

2016 – From our breakdown in Moab, Utah – clueless!

So I gave him my take … a power coil to the thingamajig – any one of 6, or was it 4 – and since the light is not blinking, it will be okay to drive. Just get it to a mechanic to check out.

Here’s the fun. The shop said 3000 – ouch. It may be worth about 3000 total. He called back. Concerned. Catalytic converter plus a mani pedi … may be a manifold somethingorother … plus a few other items. I made calls to my guys who do know what all this means – still didn’t comfort him.

2016 – My son, waiting by our Jeep in Moab Utah – I miss that Jeep

Then he remembered he has a friend who knows what all this means – they got together – he did his once over – and basically told him the estimate was posh (my words, trying to be kind to the shop). I could go on about this, but let’s not make this story too long.


We have problems – and we all do. We call people we trust, but that doesn’t always mean they know how to fix our problems. We take it to professionals – and sometimes they want to fix everything at once and it makes life overwhelming (like suggesting a total house makeover when all you have is a light switch not working.)

It’s great to have someone right there, someone who has certain skills, and someone who can help. This friend came through. We need those in our lives …

  • People who are present
  • People who are skilled
  • People who are kind
  • People who take the time to work the problem with you

I could not be these for my son during this crisis. I could be a listener, an advisor, and a concerned parent/friend – but not a fixer.

Acts 2 talks about the early church where everyone gave as others had needs. I saw this in action yesterday. I don’t think Acts is about throwing money at a need – I do think it is about giving of ourselves in times of need.

Picture from a great article from – some great suggestions on helping each other
  • Do you know someone alone during shut down? Reach out. Call. Mail a letter (yes mail, God Still uses the USPS)
  • A family facing health issues? Leave a care package at the door
  • Know a family out of work? Cook a meal, give a gift card to some food establishments, or even a grocery store. Reach out to your church for more resources to help.
  • Know a college kid stuck away from home? Schedule a Zoom blast for them – surprise them with an Amazon gift card – make them cookies.
  • Know a small business owner struggling? Support with purchases or vouchers as gifts for others. Write positive reviews on FB, Twitter, IG, etc.
  • Know parents overwhelmed with kids at home? Okay, not sure what to do here but pray – out of my skill set again. Maybe call a children’s minister for suggestions. I did make a funny video for kids to laugh at their pastor – but that distraction maybe helped for 90 seconds – I don’t know what to do for the rest of your day.
  • Know a person stressed out trying to help his mother? Send cookies (that one is for me – send cookies)

So to the guy who was there for my son, you are a blessing to him – and me. I pray God pours out blessings in return. You lived out Acts 2 yesterday.

And readers, where can you live it out? Where can you be that type of person for someone in your life, even if all done virtually? Let’s be the Acts 2 type of people. The world needs more of it.


For a great article on ways to help on our communities, go here.





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