Thursday Thought – 60 Second Wisdom

It’s amazing to see all the projects being done and home improvements taking place. I hear Lowe’s, True Value, and other places are setting sales records. And with garden season upon us, I expect that to kick in to high gear too.

I imagine Xbox and other game platforms are also being used quite much. I know I’ve spent more time reading lately. I love books.

And while these themselves are not bad, we must take caution. Do not let things of this world take away from what’s really important.

When we are drawn towards the worldly things that we love most, we are drawn away from the heavenly One who loves us most.

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth

Paul, Col 3.2

Where are you being drawn to?

Lord, May my thoughts be on You and Your ways first, today and always.






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