A Change in Our Perspective

My son is learning a valuable lesson about marriage. They are still in their first year, but the pronoun use is adapting more and more. It of becoming less “her or me,” less “her’s or mine,” and more “us” and “ours.” There is that point that our mind just gets it.

Shepherd boy David, soon to be King David, in the middle of the 23rd Psalm, changes his point of view too. In verse 4, he goes from talking about God in the third person to talking to him in the second person. No longer “He makes” or “He leads” but now it is “You are with me.”

Why the change? One theologian said it this way …

We are more prone to talk about God when we are in the green pasture and more prone to cry out to God when we enter some fearful ravine.

John Piper

As we are reminded of in verse 2 and 3, he has to make us lie down in green pastures – and he restores us, sometimes from when we stray. We really get comfortable and often wander off from God in the good and cheery days.

But when life gets tough, we cling to Him. We draw close for strength, protection, mercy.

He is my God in the good times too. And we should draw close to Him there as well. But like David, sometimes it takes that hard time to really realize his presence.

So count it all joy when you encounter trails – for it just might change your perspective in a great way.





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