They’re Entitled Little Snots? Maybe I am Too!

((Warning: the following may hurt some of your feelings. That’s tough. As a parent of the discussed generation, I can laugh as I write this. It is way over simplified and every person is unique.))

They have a pretty strong rep as selfish and entitled. One survey had 65% of Americans perceive this group as having an entitled attitude … expecting to land a job on graduation, demanding certain salary and perks, assuming flexibility at life, and that everyone should take care of them. College should be free, or at least someone should pay off the student loans, and they expect to be millionaires by 30.

Millennials. I really love them. And maybe there are contributing factors to them being perceived as entitled … 1/ helicopter parenting raising them as such (so tell my son it’s my fault), 2/ basic human nature that is selfish, 3/ a demand in new skill shifts in our society (kids having to program their parents phones, TVs, etc) that millennials have, 4/ a culture of ownership (LinkedIn, Netflix, and social media allows control of ones career, content consumption, and personal branding), and 5/ greater ability to adapt quickly.

But many of those are positive and could be said of any generation. So what’s the point here. I think we are all little snots in one way are another. At times, we all seem a little entitled. I know I have a little entitled attitude in me as well. As I read how God prepares a table before me, I could easily justify my attitude of entitlement, but I get rid of it just as quick.

God … prepares … a meal … for me

In Psalm 23.5, we see our personal, relational, providing God prepare a table for us. This is scary, humbling, and awesome.

God … who is so far above me, so infinite to my finiteness, so powerful to my weakness, so gracious to my selfishness, so holy to sinfulness. He takes the initiative. He shows patience and grace to this idiotic sheep who is prone to wander.

Prepares … the one who is worthy to be served, serves me. The one who could have had this all this done, He prepares – actively is getting it all done before me. I see my blessings are from Him. But then, all good things I have are from Him.

A meal … food, sustenance, and an act of hospitality. Now that we’ve gotten through the valley of danger, we have a feast laid out to enjoy in peace and protection. All our needs are taken care of.

For me … here is the place to remember our true place. We don’t deserve it, we can’t earn it, and we’ll never be able to pay Him back. We, me, used to be His enemies but are now His children. We who were far off are now brought back into fellowship. Here is where our entitled attitude gets adjusted. And that is grace, not something we deserve.

God … prepares … a meal … for me

So remember, no matter what generation you are from, God loves you and he prepares a meal for you. Say thank you and learn to appreciate it, not demand it.

For a fun vid clip on Millennials, watch this one done by Micah Tyler at Watermark Church.





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