Once Upon a Time … Four Quests

Once upon a time, there was a little boy. Though born into a household with ordinary parents, this was no ordinary little boy. He is destined for greatness and glory.

This little boy’s story all started like many stories, with a love between a man and woman. And this man, a nomadic cleric, and woman, a picture of beauty, grace, and selflessness, had just this one child. And no child in the history of children has ever been loved more than he.

His story is more than just one tale, but today we share a little bit about the places this boy called home.

Because of the fathers occupation, this threesome moved around quite a bit. They traveled from the land of just one star to the East. They lived in the forest of Wake, in the fields of Chester, studied on the hills of Clover, travelled on the roads of Hampton, and even spent time in the dales of Ware, the oak’s of Red, and the borough of Rox. Yes they moved around and this little boy, who has now grown up to be quite a young man, has no real place to call “home.”

So this young man has made his way back to the land of just one star.

As stated earlier, he is destined for greatness. But to do this, he must face four challenges – four life changing events that will define him.

The first is a quest for a priceless treasure. This treasure will be both hidden and visible. Like a Diamond hidden among glass baubles, the lad would have to discern the true worth of what is before him. And once he finds the treasure, he must convince the treasure that they are destined to be together. For this treasure is alive and will be the boy’s greatest asset in life. The treasure wants to be treated like, well, a treasure.

And this first challenge has been completed. For the lad has discovered his treasure, he wooed it, values it, and knows this treasure will always be at his side.

Now the second challenge – a quest to find the place to call “home” – for every great journey has a place to call home. Every great story has a house, a palace, a castle, villa, cave, treehouse, candy coated cottage, tower, or even a shoe to call their own.

And this home was not just for the two of them – but for the companions picked up along the way. Two magical beasts called Daisy and Gracie.

Two worthy companions stand guard over the young lad

With the treasure advising him, the two went asearching. They would face fierce competition in fellow quest seekers. There would be hidden traps of homes that held dangers within. And some houses had been enchanted by magic to hide what they really were. Like a dream that starts beautiful but ends up a nightmare. They had to see past the spell of seeing brick to discern if the houses were really made of straw.

Dragons would come against them in the form of paper work. They would spew fire called “deadlines.” And the lad and his treasure would have to answer all kinds of questions to show themselves worthy.

Great wisdom would be needed to cross the valley of a thousand decisions. Great courage will be called upon to climb the mountain of no regrets. And great strength will be needed to face the task of domicile preparation.

Much would be sacrificed on this quest.

And then they found it, with the help of a road gnome called Damian. A castle to call their own. A palace for the young lad, his treasure, and their companions. In the state of just one star, on the boundary of the fort for the worthy, is their place they call …


A young lad and his treasure find their home

But this young man can’t rest too long. For he has two more challenges to face. What will they be?

I love fairy tales.





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