What are You Trying To Say?

The message is getting lost in the mayhem.

Our country is reeling with anger, hostility, bitterness, hatred, hopelessness. We are seeing violence explode from coast to coast in cities from north to south. Yes, there are peaceful protest occurring, even prayer meetings breaking out. But there is also looting, damage, and violent acts of chaos. Museums vandalized, businesses destroyed, even historic churches lit afire.

The message is getting lost in the mayhem. What are they trying to say?

Why isn’t the church rising up more to share the message of hope and love? Could it be because our message is also getting lost in the mayhem. Not the mayhem happening on the streets of our cities, but the mayhem within the walls of churches because we are getting so busy we have forgotten what we are here for.

In these days of darkness, there has never been a greater time for the light of the gospel to shine. The darker this world becomes, the brighter our light will shine.

Steven Lawson

We have programs galore, policies for everything, events planned, even humanitarian ministries happening. Our worships get filled with extra stuff. And our calendars are stuffed with good things – but not the main thing.

The message is getting lost in the mayhem. What are we trying to say?

Our message should be simple – “Love God, Love Others.” Or maybe “Know God, Know Peace – No God, No Peace.” Or even “We are here to Connect to … God, others, ministry, and the lost.”

I’m not trying to do bumper sticker church with catchy logos. What I am saying is we’ve gotten so complex and even chaotic that we miss the message that needs to be the focus.

For this reason, the Quarantine might be very healthy for churches as we have been forced to give up our schedules and refocus our efforts. May we learn the lesson well.

And may our message be loud –

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life.

We have hope, we find love, He brings purpose, and we are to share that to the world. Let our light shine!





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