I got bit by a dog

So, here I was … at the visitor center of a beautiful park. The day was opening so well. Beautiful weather and ready to get my hike on. I and another hiker were listening to the ranger as they were explaining some of the rules now with COVID and reopening. Oh yeah, the other hiker had a medium size dog on a leash, albeit a long leash.

Well, the dog wasn’t listening to the ranger. It was staring at me every time I glanced his way. And then, it lurched and bit my knee. I felt the teeth try to penetrate. But it didn’t – apparently I have a thick knee to accompany my thick skull.

Dude, social distance your canine … control your friend. Then, it tried a second time. I checked my pockets for loose jerky – nope. So why? Fortunately, they took a different trail?

It made think of people in my life. Sometimes they snap at me and try to cause a little pain. Not sure why. Well, sometimes I probably deserve it. But not always.

And then I felt bad … for sometimes I snap at others too. And I can’t really ever think of when I was happy I did. I should control myself better.

So be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger … and if James has been a dog person, maybe he would’ve added “and very slow to bite”. The world would be better off of we took this advise!

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