Father’s Day Rambling

Fathers Day 2020

2020 – a year of complexity and challenges. Seasons of COVID, chaos, and quarantines. And as a father, this is a unique one for me. For 29 years, I have been the father of a solo young man. One kid – no more. But as of October, I now have a daughter (in Law).

Last week, I did a surprise trip to Dallas to see the two of them. It was such a joy to see them. Though time was limited, nothing could take away from that time.

This year is different on another way as well. Yesterday, my son became an uncle for the first time. His wife’s sister had a beautiful baby boy – 10 1/2 pounds. (Wowza!) This is the second kid where he is The Godfather! I asked my son if he held the new baby yet – and he said he had, and it was “horrifying.”

Horrifying – that describes parenthood.

The fear we face knowing a person is in our hands. The horror of seeing the craziness of the world and this young child in our hands is so tiny and vulnerable.

Horrifying – that describes parenthood.

The anxiety of knowing they will come to look at you for wisdom and guidance, when we’re mostly faking it ourselves. The trepidation of waiting to hear from them but the calls that often don’t come.

But there is another side to it. The delight of parenthood is real too.

Delightful – that describes parenthood

Hearing them say “I love you” the first time. Watching them learn to drive.

Delightful – that describes parenthood

Seeing them grow in wisdom. Seeing them make decisions as adults.

Delightful – that describes parenthood

Watching a relationship grow with the person with whom they will spend the rest of their life – true love. Seeing the terror in their eyes when they realize they will be a parent too. (Not yet, but I see they’re thinking about it – oh the horror, lol)

Delightful – that describes parenthood

Knowing this life is temporary, but knowing because of his belief in Christ, we will be in heaven together. That is the biggest role as a father.

It’s been almost 25 years since I lost my father, but I know it’s temporary. We too will one day be together. That is a great joy.

This Father’s Day, I miss my dad. But not forever. This Father’s Day, I miss my son. But not forever.

And one day, my son might himself be a father. I pray I was a good example, and I pray he too raises that child in the Lord.






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