It’s been 13 Years … WOW!

2007 …. June 29 … a day I thank God for.

Who knew that it would change our lives. Maybe for the good – maybe for the not so good. What is so big? Today is the anniversary of when the iPhone first went on sale in the US?

And the next day was when the first screen was replaced by the Genius Bar Buddies. (JK)

An ironic twist is June 29 is also the anniversary for the US Interstate Act, developing thousands of miles of interstate where you’re not supposed to use the iPhone.

I wasn’t as much a true blue diehard Apple supporter then as I am now. But, I had owned the original iMac. We still have some early iPods. and iTunes is still my favorite platform for music.

Technology is great. We can broadcast worship services through our phones and tablets. Information is in the palm of our hands – information that would have taken weeks to discover in a library. Read or listen to books, get directions, video call loved ones, let family know we’re safe after a storm or whatever, have our bible and an entire commentary collection on hand, millions of songs, watch movies, and more.

But technology can also be enslaving. We can waste so much time on them. Hours on social media, playing games beyond what we should, and making us tethered to an electronic leash making it impossible to really have free time.

This week, I deleted a few apps off my phone. Maybe it’s because I reverted to the iPhone 8 and it’s so much smaller than the 11 (switched the new one with my son, for I am a selfish, sacrificial, humble, caring and loving father who would do anything for my fam – that’s the way I roll)

But mostly it is because I know I waste time.

God’s Word tells us to redeem the time, for the days are evil. That means to buy time back, get it and set it free!

Here are ways I try to redeem the time …

  • Listen or read books while exercising (gets my mind off the fact I can’t breath while on the exercise bike)
  • Listen to the news – or our new worship songs – while getting ready for the day
  • Listen to podcasts or sermons while driving (makes that 40 minute commute so much better)
  • Keep focused through an ongoing task list … one way I do this os’s text my wife when I get a new task. She will re-text it to me later, always the reminder. Yes there are apps for this, but I like texting my wife.
  • Eliminate and delegate. I’m better at the first then the second.
  • Learn to say “No.” Maybe you need pass on the good things so you can focus on the best things.

How do you redeem your time? Start today to do it even better!





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