Leave and Start Over

45,000 men. Gathered in a “men’s only” assembly. It took place at the old RFK Stadium, but it wasn’t about football. When they pounded their feet, I thought the stadium was going to collapse. When they lifted their voices in praise, I felt as close to heaven as ever. It was a powerful Promise Keepers’ Rally with some great worship and great preaching.

One of the delights I had attending this particular Promise Keepers Rally over 20 years ago was hearing E.V Hill, a powerful preacher. Recently, in a Facebook post, I read a story about E.V. It went like this …

The late Pastor E.V. Hill used to tell of a time he received a death threat from the Black Panthers because they didn’t like his preaching about that “white Jesus”. This was his reply: “I don’t know anything about a white Christ – I know about Christ, a Savior named Jesus. I don’t know what color He is. He was born in brown Asia, He fled to black Africa, and He was in heaven before the gospel got to white Europe, so I don’t know what color He is. I do know one thing: if you bow at the altar with color on your mind, and get up with color on your mind, go back again – and keep going back until you no longer look at His color, but at His greatness and His power – His power to save!”

Copied from Vander Warner’s Facebook

This principle about Jesus goes way beyond color. If you come to the altar and see anything other than his glory … get up and then start over. See a Red Jesus. Nope. See a Blue Jesus. Nope. See a Baptist, Methodist or any denominational Jesus. Nope.

  • See His glory
  • See His greatness
  • See His glory
  • See the God worthy of all our praise

That’s the God I want to see every time.






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