A New Job Title, or Maybe I’ll Stick with the Old One

“Hardcore Devil Stomping Ninja“

Intro: stick with me … this has more to do with all of us, not just my job title.

Hardcore Devil Stomping Ninja!”

What a great job title. It just rolls off the tongue. I can see it on my new business card. And then there is the row of pastors’ pictures on the wall. I might just put that on the wall.

Put this on the wall of pastors!

I mean the title has it all. But you know, I’m still very excited to be called “pastor.” This job is humbling, demanding, heart breaking, and very very draining. And it’s exciting, fulfilling, exhilarating, and beyond words when you see God work in the lives of ones flock. After all, a pastor is a shepherd. Most of all it is also a calling. This is not just something my Myers-Briggs or enneagram number says I should do. Unless called to do this, I wouldn’t be here.

But today’s thoughtful writing is about the t-shirt I was given with this wonderful job title on it.

If the pastor hoses down the kids, would this count as baptism by sprinkling? Oh wait, I’m Baptist, we dunk. This is Slip-n-Slide fun!

The close friend who serendipitously gave me this thought provoking, cotton garment billboard of a job description, asked, nay, demanded I take a picture with me wearing it. She hounded me with a constant barrage of texts, emails, reminders, and an occasional threat. (Maybe I exaggerate a bit, but I am a preacher.)

Did she want proof of delivery? Did she want to win a bet with her hubby who wagered I wouldn’t wear it? Did she need a new picture for her dart board? Not sure. But I happily obliged and now she’s happy.

Bottom line – she wanted to see me wear the t-shirt.

As I think about this, and not as a “pastor” or “Hardcore Devil Stomping Ninja” but as a follower and believer in Jesus, I realize he has gifted and provided us with some pretty exciting things … the right to be called a child of God, spiritual armor to fight this spiritual war we are in, his Word to hide in our hearts, spiritual gifts to build up each other in the body of Christ, comfort and peace that is not of this world to get us through this crazy world, brothers and sisters to walk the journey and fight the fight with me, his Holy Spirit to live in me, and so much more.

And he doesn’t want us to leave these in a drawer, just put them on t-shirts or bumper stickers, file them away as gifts that never get used, or just write about them in a blog. He wants us to use them, show these things to the world, be seen wearing/claiming/proclaiming then to the world, get a picture putting them into our daily lives and excitedly share them publicly.

What have you received from God that needs to be used?

What blessing have you been bestowed with that the world needs to see?

Does the world see you displaying the fruit of the spirit in the way you live? Love, Joy, Peace and so on.

What is your spiritual gift and how are you using it?

God wants to see a picture of you displaying what he has given you. Tell the world, no shame, no fear, with boldness.

And if that means declaring you are a Hardcore Devil Stomping Ninja, I will do it with excitement.





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