Today, Don’t Miss Today

As this starts off as a normal blog, I thought I would write about // STOP. LISTEN TO THIS PROBLEM.

So I gave up on the first topic. But my mother is in a tough situation right now so I want to // DIDN’T YOU HEAR ME. PAY ATTENTION TO THIS ISSUE.

Looking at life humorously, we see // YOU NEED TO PUT EVERYTHING TO THE SIDE AND WAKE UP.

And realizing people are going about life as best as possible, we still need encouragement as we // I’M NOT KIDDING. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS BUT THIS.

I can’t turn on the news, read my Twitter feed, or look at email tags without them yelling and pushing and screaming and tugging at me to wake up to the culture revolution we are in. It’s like an annoying toddler demanding attention 24/7 … mom, mommy, mom.

This is my wife’s ringtone for our son. Annoying.

Don’t get me wrong. The issue de jour is important (probably); but the fact is, life moves along too. Kids are born, people are falling in love, cars break down, gardens need tending, kids need love and discipline, relationships end, knees get skinned, birthdays come and go, the sun rises, the beaches have tides, and the mountains still call … and so on.

Life happens. A quarantine doesn’t stop life. A pandemic doesn’t put a halt to daily needs. And a shut down doesn’t stall life’s little dramas.

Yes, let’s make a better world. Of course, let’s address issues and make change. And obviously, let’s do justice and love mercy. But let’s not forget to walk humbly with our God. And to walk means to live in the present as well as work for a better tomorrow. As the great philosopher said, don’t be so busy watching out for what’s ahead that we don’t enjoy where we are.

So today, I just encourage you to occasionally tune out the cultural chaos, the media madness, and the social media screams. Just enjoy life, today.

Take a walk in the park. Read to your kid. Call your mom. Cook that special meal. Pray for others. Sit a spell, sip some coffee, and share a moment with a friend.

This is the day the Lord has made … rejoice and be glad in it.





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