It’s Disney Magic Come to Life

Grab hold of your reality check hats — I found this information quite intriguing. And the main lessons I got out of this bit of news I’m about to share is … 1/ Some people are very creative, artistic and like to add a bit of magic to our everyday life, and 2/ Some people have way too much free time on their hands.

About five years ago, in the already magical city of Paris, a few creative minds got together and decided to design and build highly detailed but itty-bitty buildings for mice. The group responsible calls themselves Anonymouse.

These miniature buildings would be placed on the edges “people buildings” – and they would be a form of 3D street art that most people wouldn’t even notice as they marched through their day.

Inspired by a few artists and the world of Disney, these tiny stores and restaurants would be places “Where small creatures live in a world parallel to ours and use our scraps and trash for other purposes.”

Two were created in the first year – an Italian restaurant and a nut shop. Then a town in Sweden picked up the idea and ran with it. Jazz club, book shop, tiny homes, sea side chapel, playground, and more

Imagine this. Your day has been going smoothly. Your run out for lunch, maybe you want to grab a coffee at the local Starbucks, and you notice your shoe is untied. You stop, bend down to take care of it, and your eye catches a tiny little light from the edge where the sidewalk meets your building – and on a closer look, you see this …

You look even closer …

What is going through your mind? Has Disney been right all along? Is there a whole other world out there for tiny people? And if you think they are for mice, what does that mean? (The Arabic is saying it’s an Indian Food Restaurant.)

Your …. mind …. is …. blown!

Now you start to notice them in other places. Hat shop. Record store.

As I look at all the pictures from the article on these art pieces, I was enthralled. Okay maybe not enough to put one in downtown Appomattox. What would I even design – a mousy railroad station? Maybe a Tiny Tack Shop? But what would mice ride? Squirrels?

There are amazing things all around us. Beautiful creative works of art. Splendorous bits of nature. And simple magical things tucked in the most common places. The architecture of bricks in a building, the rainbow created from of a fountain in front of a skyscraper, the rhythm of trees blowing in the wind, the arches of bridgework. Even small things – the veins in a leaf, the light from a firefly, the dance of lady bugs on your window, and so much more.

Don’t be so busy, so rushed, so myopic that you miss the beauty and wonder along your path. Take time to look around.

You might even see a tiny record shop next to your favorite diner.

See the full article here with interview comments by Bored Panda. Or, go to the original post that shows over 60 pictures.






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