Buying My Son His Dream Car

He has talked about this. He has dreamed of the day he owns one. He looks forward to saving on gas and going green. I’ve seen his head turn when one of their brands even approached his vicinity. And he regularly asks when I will be willing to buy him one. That day has come.

Let it be known publicly I am declaring my willingness to help my son become a proud owner of a … Tesla. Santa has this down for you on Christmas.

No, I didn’t win the lottery and I haven’t lost my head. But I have seen the newest line from Tesla … the Tesla Model Y. (As in why didn’t they do this earlier!)

It’s great on gas … your gas bill will go to zero. I am not sure of it’s carbon footprint, but its emission rating is non existent. The studio pictures show it in red, which my wife would love, so her son should love it too.

Let me be a bit clearer. I am not talking the full size version. Nope. Keep dreaming boy. But I’m talking about the special Tesla Model Y by Radio Flyer.

Yes, that Radio Flyer – maker of toy wagons (and scooters, tricycles, ride alongs and more.) The 103 year old toy maker that created the iconic red wagon your great great grand pappy was pulled in when he was just 2 years old. Radio Flyer has created a feet propelled mini Tesla.

This isn’t your fathers Radio Flyer

A functional steering wheel. True Tesla detailing. And holds up any driver below 48 pounds. I’m not really sure of how well this model holds its $99 retail value though.

And wait, there is a battery-powered model once you’re ready to trade up.

Once I got past the hilarity, it hit me how this relates to many of our lives. I realize many of us settle for little toy versions of life and not the real, full, meaningful version of Life God has for us.

We dream too small, we settle too early, we don’t seek the purpose the Creator has for our lives, and we miss out.

So this week, look to God and seek what He has for you, for your marriage and family, for your church. Don’t settle, keep pressing forward to the higher calling he has for you.

Share you’re dreams. And don’t settle.

And to my son … let me know if red is okay. Our we can wait until I do win the lottery for the bigger model.





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