S’mores to Control Passions – Thanks to Rev. Sylvester G

Our world has lots of troubles. I don’t think any sane person would argue that. And many of these issues date back for, well since mankind has been around. And some of these battles we face are inward battles – uncontrollable passions. And in these ever lasting battles for overcoming greed, lust, unwanted and uncontrollable libidos … we find a warrior hero in a pastor from the 1800s.

Our hero … Sylvester Graham.

The 17th kid of a minister, our hero struggled with illness as a child. He sought ways to strength himself and others struggling with health.

As a minister, I am sure he saw many who struggled, many who sought help in their battles, and many who needed strength from the Lord to be an overcomer. Interestingly, Graham connected the struggle to fatty foods, alcohol, and meat.

So, to stamp out these worldly desires, the reverend created bland foods. The recipe that has survived was one of flour, wheat germ, and bran. Mix it all together and you have a food item that has taken his name – Graham Crackers.

If you had a food named after your name, what would it be?

It even started a weird, cult-like following (which would be a Facebook group today) … the Grahamites. They devoted themselves to eating such bland food. The group didn’t last too long. Maybe if they had invented the s’mores back then, it would have lasted. I wonder what the Grahamites actually think of the food liberal Hersheyites merging with them. Oh well.

Rev. Graham died in 1851 and the cracker began to evolve. Nabisco began to mass produce it. But they also threw in sugar, honey, cinnamon and more.

The lesson … maybe if we eat more graham crackers and watch less reality tv or soap operas, we’d be better off. Or even better … get into the Word and let the Word get into you.

But if you need a snack, grab a graham cracker and remember where they came from.





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