We Are All Interconnected

Sunday, it was just a little problem – but it impacted people all over the world. There was a misconfiguration shown on the static page. Cloudfare saw ISP communication interrupted. It was due to an incorrect flowspec rule on the BGP update at the CA3 data center.

I know you got all that – well maybe not. It makes my brain hurt just typing it.

Bottom line – our Internet didn’t work.

Because of that, we lost connection and couldn’t reach out to many with whom we wanted to connect. A simple line of data on a computer in Mississauga, Canada … in an update … caused outages all over the world.

We may think we are independent. We may be trying to live a life where we don’t “need” anyone. But we need to remember, no man is an island – no man stands alone.

We are all connected. And what hurts one person impacts others, what causes one sorrow spreads to many … joys, happiness, sorrow, pain … spreads.

So, how should this concept impact my life?

  • Recognize each person around you – like it or not, they impact you.
  • Appreciate each person around you – they are God’s creation and deserve respect.
  • Show kindness to people around you – Treating them kindly will reap kindness (mostly) but treating them harshly will reap a different result. You reap what you sow.

So, let’s make it a bit clearer on how to impact others and create a ripple effect that reaches way out …

  • Listen to them
  • Affirm them
  • Serve them
  • Show kindness to them

In s world where we put others before ourselves, imagine what kind of impact that would have all across the globe.

Start today – with one person.

It will make a difference.






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