Things Change – But Not Everything

2020. They will be writing about 2020 for a long time. Life has changed. Whether or not they are permanent changes, we will see.

Work. Schools. Socializing. Church worships. Businesses. Everything.

But 10 years ago, I posted something on FBook that hasn’t changed.

Since then, there has been over 500 weeks, over 3500 days – that is over 3500 dark nights and over 3500 sunrises.

And this truth still holds true …

Thank You Lord for the mornings … they show that the night/darkness does not last forever!

Clouds may block the light. Storms may be blowing. But the sun rises – its light and warmth only temporarily blocked – it is still there.

God’s love, God’s warmth, God’s light is greater than the darkness. So if you feel trapped, cold, and wandering in the dark – morning is coming, daybreak is close. Don’t surrender, don’t lose faith, don’t give up hope.

Morning is coming. He has been faithful these many millennia, He is faithful now.

Great is His faithfulness.






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