Kicked Out of School

This is a crazy world. Things are changing and adjustments need to be made. And I get it, some people are slower at change than others. But this story just makes me want to laugh.

A little background … for a while, doctors office were closed for non-essential procedures. Then this happened, people aren’t allowed in to hospitals, even to see family and friends. Add to that the fact schools are now going virtual, to avoid person to person contact.

So what a surprise it would be for a family to receive notice that their kid was not allowed to attend school – especially a virtual classroom – because the family had not gone to the closed/limited access/no person-to-person doctors’ offices to get their child the required vaccination for attending school.

This is not an anti-vax issue. I’m not addressing that choice. I am not addressing whether vaccines should or should not be part of a family’s lifestyle. I’m just chuckling at this …

The kid is kicked out of school – a virtual school – because of not getting a vaccine.

We often disassociate with people for the weirdest reasons. Sometimes it’s out of bitterness, or spite, or arrogance, or ignorance, or hurt.

For the past couple of days, I’ve talked about all of us being connected, and how we are supposed to treasure time with family and friends.

The teachings of the Bible give some pretty clear instructions … if you have a problem with someone then go and try to reconcile. And also, if someone has a problem with you then go and try to reconcile. The thing they have in common – you go and try to reconcile. This is not a promise that reconciliation will happen, but that we have a responsibility to make the effort.

Today, look for reasons to stay connected. Look for ways to reach out, especially to those who might seem isolated and disassociated. Reach out and let them know you care.

Jesus left the 99 to go look for the 1. Is that a lifestyle we can live up to? I want to do that. What about you?






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