The Mississippi Flag & Jehovah Nissi

There are a lot of people and principles and things on the ballot this November. Trump vs Biden is but one choice before us. One interesting decision being made in the 20th state of our union is the approval/disapproval of a new state flag design.

In removing the Confederate symbol, the proposed flag has 20 stars (for being the 20th state) and one larger star for Native American residents prior to statehood. The stars encircle a magnolia, long associated with the state. and it carries the logo, “In God We Trust.”

Will the people approve? Will it unite people divided by race and history? Will there be pride and honor associated with it?

In scripture, one of the names given for God is Jehovah NissiGod is my Banner. In Exodus, war came for God’s people against the Amalekites. As long as Moses held his hands high, they were winning. As he grew tired and dropped his hands, they were losing. So two buddies sat him on a stone and they held his hands up. Whoop whoop (envision me pumping hands high).

Victory! He then built an alter and called it Jehovah Nissi. What was the meaning? God was their leader and protector. He was the one they rally around and go fight for. A banner identifies and unifies. It is a rally point for troops. When we follow and rally around the banner, we have an identity and – in this case of God our banner – protection and guidance.

Later, in Judges, God’s people rallied around themselves and their own ways. And when war with the Amalekites came, they were defeated. Obedience brings blessing and victory. Disobedience? Well, it quenches the power of God’s Spirit in our lives.

I’m not dissing the new flag design, or even our national flag. There are times and things we can rally around as a nation that we believe stands for justice, righteousness, and more. Are we perfect? Nope, but we strive for our ways to be honorable.

In the ultimate questions of life though, I have a question. What banner do you rally around? What motivates you to get up and run to the battle? My hope is you have God as your ultimate Jehovah Nissi – that He is your banner and rallying point. For only in Him is there true victory.





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