We’re Gonna Need Some Laughs

Harry Potter gave a great line when he was supporting the Weasley twin’s endeavor to open the joke ship … Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes (which is actually a shop in Orlando I’m told.) Basically he told his close companions “We’re all gonna need a few laughs before this is all over.” (My paraphrase)

This is not only true in the battle with ‘he who must not be named,’ but also in the battles we are facing today – pandemic, protests, pandemonium, presidential picks, and so on. We need to take things a little less serious and laugh a minute or two.

One woman sure knew how to lighten the mood. In the sleepy little state of New Hampshire, at a local polling place … she walks in with a t-shirt on that had a political message. It was an older shirt but had the faces of Donald Trump and John McCain. The shirt proclaimed, “McCain Hero – Trump Zero.”

Now the rules are no political attire, no campaigning by wearing anything for or against a candidate or issue. So the pollsters told her she couldn’t wear the shirt if she wanted to vote. Instead of going some place private to turn the shirt inside out, she took the shirt off right then – right there. And there was nothing but her underneath.

Now I’m a strong advocate for modesty, and I’m not sure if this was a set up or not … but it caught the pollsters off guard. She took her ballot and went to a booth. And because of Covid, all curtains had been removed.

Yowzah. And truly … LOLx2!

The pollsters were caught off guard. Fortunately, there were no children around. It all happened so quickly, and it was over before anyone could complain. And in the end, they laughed about it.

Now, maybe this was a bit much. But she did follow the rules, she did what she was told, and her vote was registered. And who knows, she might help in recruiting new pollsters for next time.

My point … laugh a little, enjoy life, don’t take all ‘this’ too serious. In all of what’s going on, we need some laughs.

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