Those Annoying People In Our Lives

We all have them. You may be them. Those peeps that have a squeaky voice, a personality trait that drive you crazy, or any other major annoyingly irritating characteristic.

I was watching Lethal Weapon (The tv series) and noticed the tv series character of Leo Getz was not as annoying as the movie Leo Getz. So I pondered who were some of the most annoying character roles in television and movie land. I made a top ten list. My new daughter thinks my top ten lists are a waste of time and dumb. For that kind of talk, she just might make the list here, if it were real people. But not today.

So, compiled from my warped brain, the ten most annoying characters from the entertainment world …

  • 1. Vizzinni from The Princess Bride
  • 2. Eddie, the psychotic roommate in Friends
  • 3. Leo Getz/Joe Pesci in Lethal Weapon
  • 4. Barry Kripke from TBBT
  • 5. Dolores Umbridge
  • 6. Eddie Haskell
  • 7. Janice from Friends
  • 8. Newman from Seinfeld
  • 9. Barney the dinosaur
  • 10. Jar Jar Binks

Honorable mentions: Fran Fine (Fran Drescher’s role in The Nanny), Pee Wee Herman, Ned Ryerson from Groundhogs Day, and people who make list

I’ve often heard these type of people called “sandpaper people.” I even did a sermon on sandpaper people. One friend even gave me Sandpaper cut out dolls for Christmas. I guess I made their list.

A funny thing about sandpaper. The more it irritates you, the more it gets worn out and the shinier you get. So don’t see these annoying people in your life as negatives. See them as opportunities for you to shine, for you to get better, and for you to help them be less annoying. Sometimes, Good will send sandpaper people into our lives to smooth out our rough edges.

As Paul said in Romans 12.14 … Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them.

Have a blessed day.






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