Friday’s Friends (#4)

Increasing Number of Earthquakes. Plague of Locusts. Apocalyptic Fires. Wars and Rumors of Wars. Israel Peace Treaties. It’s all sounds so … Biblical.

Are these headlines showing us signs of the times? Or is it all just coincidence?

Society today seems to be getting worse and worse. And in a world overflowing with information on topics that seem so trivial (like today, 9.18, is National Cheeseburger Day … or … how a home-cam shows one owner’s cat misses her so much during the day) or so divisive (way too much politics and diatribe out there) – it’s refreshing to find a news outlet that takes a Biblical worldview. And in this case, it focuses on articles that touch on discerning the signs and times in related to end times.

Today’s Friday’s Friend is End Times Headlines.

From their website … “End Time Headlines is a blog site that was founded, owned and operated by Ricky Scaparo with the intent to be a “once source” location for those wanting to be informed of happenings around the globe in light of the End Times from a “Biblical Perspective”. ETH is a collaboration of aggregated news from various sources. ETH attempts to provide reliable and reputable sources in reporting, with the intent to maintain integrity and trust with its readers, Therefore ETH always provides links to the original sources of the headline as they are reported on the blog.”

It’s not overwhelming. For now, articles are very selective. Though, if this is truly getting close to, well, the end, I could see more articles linked.

I don’t know. We could be getting close. A lot of signs point that way. But in the end, I think we’ve all asked the same question to God, “is this the end?”

His answer … that’s not for us to know, we just to be sharing the gospel, the message of love and hope found in Jesus. So I will read about the how some think it is ‘the end’ … but I will keep sharing and keep loving and keep serving (and keep writing muddyshoes) as if He could return today or wait another thousand years.





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