The Tale of Two Ladies

Two ladies, from different walks of life. Yet, they lived much of their lives within a few hundred miles of each other.

One rose to the highest court in the land. Books and movies were made about her. She influenced so many. And when she died this week, people wept. Much of her life was shaped by her faith – a Jewish faith that passionately advocated for justice.

The other didn’t travel a lot. She lived much her life not far from where she grew up.

And though no movies or books have her as a topic, she herself was a woman of influence … family, friends, and a loving church family for decades. And when she passed away this week, people wept and mourned as well. Like the former lady, she too was a woman of faith – but her faith wasn’t in Judaism but a Jew. One born 2000 years ago that came to save all who would believe on Him.

They have things in common. They were family people … they had a family who cares. Grandkids. They had long marriages … marriages that expanded over five decades. The Justice was married for 56 years before she lost her husband. The latter lady was married almost 59 years. And lastly, they both succumbed to terrible diseases.

Here’s a personal note … while the first impacted the life of thousands, helped steer the direction of nation, and will be memorialized, she falls way short of the impact of the second lady.

You see, the second lady shared with family the Hope in Jesus, the truth of God’s Word, and faith in a loving God. She may not have impacted a culture for here and now, but she impacted lives for eternity. Grasp that … eternity.

I personally don’t know RBG. I respect her intellect, her passion, her spunk. I can learn from her character, her love for the law and the nation. But, I pray she came to know the only hope that matters. I can’t say anything for certain. But I pray.

But I can say for certain that lady Jewel did know that hope. She not only knew it, she lived for it. So when it comes to eternal impact, she far outweighs RBG.

I say thank you to the Lord for what both women offer us. But Jewel, you added so much more. Thank you and Praise the Lord. You brought glory to God.





One response to “The Tale of Two Ladies”

  1. Doug Seamster Avatar
    Doug Seamster

    Great lesson here. U hit the nail on the head with this one. God bless!!!


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