Miracle Berries for Preachers

I discovered a new item on Amazon. I’m not sure I’ll order it, but it sounds quite intriguing. And I thought that maybe it could be expanded in its use.

It’s like magic! It’s called mberry: miracle fruit tablets. The concept is you take this one pill, let it dissolve on your tongue, it confuses the taste buds, and for about 90 minutes you think everything that normally tastes really sour will now taste super sweet. A lemon will become a delight to suck on. Vinegar? Go for it. Tart cherries – more like chocolate cherries.

This is exciting. Your spouse trying new ideas in the kitchen that scare you? Pop a mberry! Have some nasty medicine that you can’t stand – no problem with mberry.

I am not sure what it does to confuse taste buds. Does it talk to them funny? Does it try to explain the US tax laws? Or in my head, does it try to explain how women think? I know that confuses me. However it does it, it sounds like an interesting concept.

Now I started. What if this could be manufactured for other things. I mean what if there was a pill that made other sour circumstances seem delectable.

Life is Sa-weeet!

Don’t like algebra class? Take the m-mathberry. On a bad date? Try the m-matchmaker-berry (not responsible for any unwanted nuptials.) Sitting through a boring or hard church sermon? There is always the m-wishiwasatthebeach-berry. And of course, trying to watch the news in 2020 without m-2020.protest.COVID.riots.hurricanes.election.globalwarming.impeachment.nfl-berry is a horrible idea. We all need a pill to get through that.

The problem with this all natural supplement is that it wears off. It’s kind of like temptation and sin. Oh the temptation makes bad look good (go ahead, eat the fruit, you’ll be happy) – but when it’s all said and done, the bad is still bad (so she & the man with her ate the fruit and now Shame-Spiritual Death-exile.)

Dressing a scorpion in a prom dress will still get you stung on the dance floor.

So for now, I’ll pass on the m-berry. I’d rather take things as they are, and not try to confuse myself any more than I already am.

And if my situation seems sour – I trust God who makes all things work for the good.






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